Models, data and technology in capital markets are very complex and costly. Many small to medium-sized enterprises might not have the money or resources to implement or support their own trading and risk services, not to mention individual market players. They are often hardly aware of those services can have serious effects on their long-term ability to make better business decisions.

Finpricing launches the first of its kind financial solution that is truly cross-asset front-to-back. The framework and technology have been designed to meet the demands of capital markets, investment trading and processing, risk management, treasury and regulatory compliance for financial institutions of all sizes as well as individual investors. With the solution, the benefits of complex trading and risk knowledges are not anymore reserved for only huge institutions. Our aim is simple – to make trading, hedging and risk management easier for anyone with exposure to the financial markets.

The platform is very easy to install and simple to use. By taking away constraints – whether it is through user-friendly interfaces, broad asset class coverage, advanced analytics, improved access to data and flexible process or by offloading transactional or IT burdens – we give you the freedom to define how you do business next.